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For more than a decade, SCAD TVfest has spotlighted the latest in design, creativity, and innovation on television, streaming, and digital media. International audiences enjoy inside looks at the best content airing today and explore the latest trends in broadcast, streaming, cable, web, social media, and advertising. Held annually in the production hub of Atlanta, SCAD TVfest connects students, fans, and working professionals from all spheres of content production at screenings, premieres, panel discussions, and workshops — offering myriad opportunities to network with future peers innovating in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

SCADFILM is the leading program for working professionals in film and television, animation, gaming, and digital arts, offering unparalleled opportunities to learn and network. SCAD AnimationFest, SCAD TVfest, and the SCADFILM Storytellers Series bring professional experiences, intriguing insights, and the best work in each field to SCAD students and the public.