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Friday, Feb. 9, 4 p.m.
Main Stage

SCAD Presents: 'chefATL'

chefATL is a SCAD docuseries exploring the diversity of Atlanta through its dynamic culinary landscape. The pilot episode features James Beard Award-winning chef Steven Satterfield and sustainability activist, author, designer, and TV personality John Gidding. The production was a collaboration involving more than 100 students across nine SCAD degree programs.

John Gidding, host
Steven Satterfield, James Beard Award-winning chef, Miller Union
Jayden White (B.F.A., film and television, 2023), producer
Rabia Khan (M.F.A., film and television), director
Shakeenan Griffin (B.F.A., film and television), on-camera talent
Lina Apicella (B.F.A., performing arts), on-camera talent
Savannah Miles (B.F.A., interior design), on-camera talent
Hanabi Copon (B.F.A., film and television), writer and food stylist

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